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Professional Floor Polishing Adelaide

Giving your home’s floorboards a fresh polish is the perfect way to give them a new lease on life, as well as completely transforming your home or business’ interior. Once floor sanding is complete, it is vital that you follow up with polishing as the varnish will seal and protect the wood, while also ensuring you don’t expose yourself to any painful splinters. At Adelaide Floor Sanding, we have years of industry experience and have helped various residential and commercial owners create a flooring solution that they can be proud of. Our team of highly skilled and experienced trades can help you throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation, right through to colour selection and installation.

Benefits of Floor Polishing

When it comes to polishing your wooden floors, there are far more benefits associated with it than just a stunning end result. Polishing will help you eliminate scratches, stains and give the overall colour of your wooden boards a refresh, leaving you with the result that restores the appearance of your floor making it appear new again.

This is also an effective practice if you are looking to give your wooden floorboards a deep clean. Timber floor polishing will effectively remove a build-up of harsh dirt, while also removing any bacteria leaving you with a perfectly sanitised floor.

Selecting The Right Floor Polishing Varnish and Finish

When it comes to choosing the right stain shade, along with the level of polish for your floorboards, it is highly important to consider the type of lifestyle you live. This is an essential practice if you’re looking to breathe some much-needed air into your old timber boards.

Our extensive range of varnish shades and polish finishes means that we have something for everyone and every home aesthetic. Our professional tradesmen know precisely what is required, and will provide you with all the background knowledge required to make an educated decision. Choosing the right polish is often a balancing act between finding a finish that will look good and meet your aesthetic requirements and selecting a finish that will wear well in your living requirements while meeting everyday traffic needs.


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Colours Available

With an extensive range of colours and varnish finishes available we have a polishing solution for every home aesthetic.

As mentioned above, choosing a varnish and polish coating that will fit in with your lifestyle is extremely important. At Adelaide Floor Sanding, our polishing team is made from skilled trades that will help guide you through the selection process, while helping alleviate any concerns regarding toxicity, wear and tear and finish appearance.

Feel free to get in contact with our team to discuss and explore our colour selections further.

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