Floor Sanding Adelaide

Floor sanding and polishing has become a favourite home improvement amongst Adelaide home and business owners in recent years, and it’s no wonder with the treatment’s ability to dramatically enhance the look and feel of any property.

Beautifully varnished and polished wooden flooring proves time and time again to be a timeless and stylish focal point in any property. And with the ability to create the feeling of spaciousness, a professional floor sanding and polishing service will allow your room to reflect natural light, resulting in a lighter and brighter looking room.

The types of flooring we can sand

Here at Thistle Floors, we’re your experts for floor sanding and polishing in Adelaide. If you have timber floors that are scratched, dented, stained, or damaged in any other way, we can help bring them back to life with our professional floor sanding and polishing services. From the first meeting until the last, we give our all to every one of our clients.

When we inspect your floors for the first time, we’ll let you know what we can do, but rest assured, if your floor is timber, we can sand and polish it. There may be particular floors that are too significantly damaged to make floor grinding a viable option, but we’ll always let you know ahead of time if we think you should consider replacing your floor.

In short, we can sand all timber floorboards, rejuvenating your home and giving it a new lease of life.

Floor sanding service

Are you looking for professional floor sanding in Adelaide? You’ve come to the right place. With years of experience and a commitment to the highest level of customer service, you can’t go wrong with the team from Thistle Floors. Whether you’re preparing a home for sale, refurbishing a commercial property, or simply needing to refresh your floors, we’re an experienced team of experts you can count on.

Sanding your floors isn’t just about appearances, either. Of course, a freshly ground and polished floor from Thistle Floors always looks incredible, but you can significantly improve your home’s liveability at the same time. Over time, timber floorboards become damaged through wear and tear, no matter how careful you are. These can also lead to gaps in floorboards, where moisture and dampness can cause wood to rot, compromising the structural integrity of your floor.

You want to avoid this, so contact the team at Thistle Floors today. Your home is your most valuable investment, and our services may help you safeguard and enhance it for many years.

Professional Floor Sanding Service

At Floor Sanding Adelaide, we pride ourselves on providing Adelaide residents with a first-class floor sanding and polishing solution. Whether you have newly installed timber boards that requires a stain and polish, or you want to give your existing timber boards, a revamp, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver an exceptional result for all types of timber.

Our Floor Sanding and Other Services

Floor Sanding

If your timber flooring is looking a little worse for wear, allow our professional team to help you with our floor sanding service.With the latest floor sanding equipment, our team will remove light scuff marks and minor scratches

Floor Polishing

Our Floor Polishing service has the ability to bring your homes timber flooring back to life. When choosing a suitable coating for your timber flooring it is important to consider what will be best for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Floor Polish Colours

We offer a wide range of finishes, with a wide range of coatings available. With a colour palette ranging from light and bright neutrals, through to rich mahoganies, there is something for everyone’s desired look and feel.

Repair Work

Our flooring services are not only limited to the floor sanding and polishing of newly installed timber boards, but we also offer a repair and restore service for existing timber boards, removing both minor and significant scratches and defects.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Service

Our team can provide exceptional sand and polishing services to the following flooring:

As a company, we are dedicated to producing high-quality work for our valued customers. Our team is made up of licensed and professional tradesmen who take pride in ensuring quality workmanship is delivered on time and within your budget.

As a result of our extensive experience in the flooring industry, and a strong passion for customer service, you can rest assured that the Floor Sanding Adelaide team will do nothing short of an outstanding job.

Sanding & Polishing

Our primary services come in two parts. First, we have floor sanding in Adelaide, which aims to restore floorboards and remove signs of damage. Floor sanding also prepares your base for the next step—polishing. Varnishing and polishing your floorboards gives them a sparkling clean look, and the protective coating also prevents general wear and tear damage.

But why should you consider sanding and polishing your floors if they’ve already been done in the past?

Simply put, through years of wear and tear, the protective coating or varnish on your floorboards wears away. These make your floorboards more susceptible to damage, such as scratches, dents, and stains. Floorboards can be restored to their former glory by sanding them down to remove damaged varnish and prepare a smooth surface for recoating.

Typically, most floors benefit from sanding and polishing every 5-7 years, but this is simply a guide. Busy houses may require more regular floor treatments, while some floors can last longer.

Direct Staining Recoat & Refresh

Sometimes, your floor may not be significantly damaged, but you want to change its appearance. It is done by staining the timber on your floorboards. If your floor is already varnished, it is advised that you sand it back first before applying a new stain colour. It’s even more essential if your timber has previously been stained a different colour.

But if you want to give your floors a new look, we’re here to help. Our expert tradespeople can assess your needs accurately and provide a precise, transparent quote. Recoating your floor is a great way to refresh your home. These also help to protect your floor from damage, and it likely won’t need another treatment for years.

Maintain Your Timber Floors

Floor sanding and floor polishing in Adelaide do much more for your home than just making it look good. Many Australians choose timber floors in their homes for several reasons. They help keep your home cool in the summer, reflect natural light, and are easy to maintain with a broom, mop, or vacuum. But the key is keeping your floors properly maintained to avoid costly damage.

Even the most professionally laid timber floorboards have small gaps between them. They may not be big enough to notice, but they are still there. Fortunately, floor coating, such as varnish, provides a protective layer that fills these minuscule gaps, preventing food scraps from falling in and bacteria from growing.

Without this protective layer, bacteria can flourish. In wet environments, such as kitchens, moisture getting between your floorboards is equally dangerous. Dampness leads to mould, mould leads to rotting timber, and rotting timber leads to very expensive floor restoration. Avoid those issues, and let us help maintain your floor for years.

Our Floor Sanding and Floor Polishing Process

Floor rejuvenation is what we do every day, and we’ve developed a streamlined process to ensure your floors look as good as new in no time.

It starts with our initial assessment, where our experts determine the required grit sequence for your chosen finish. We even out the surface with an orbital or drum sander. Depending on the condition of the floor, this might be a quick or time-consuming process. Because floors must be sanded entirely and levelled before finishing and polishing, this is a necessary step. So, if there’s floor damage involved, we’ll repair this first.

We then use a roller, working along the grain to even everything out and seal the edges. Following that, we vacuum and clean your floor thoroughly, ensuring your surface is smooth and dust-free. It ensures that dust and other contaminants can’t cause bubbling when we apply your finish.

During our initial consultation, you would have chosen your desired finish, and applying that is the next step. Timber can be stained in various colours, and we have plenty available. Once we use your finish and the floors are dry, we can start the polishing process. Floor polishing in Adelaide has never been so easy.

Floor Sanding Preparation

Preparing your floor for sanding and polishing can differ depending on the floor’s condition. In a relatively new home with existing polished floorboards, it’s usually just a matter of sanding it back and reapplying your finish. Of course, we’re simplifying that to some degree, but it’s much easier to prepare a floor already in good condition.

Renovations, on the other hand, are a different story. Suppose your floor initially had another surface, such as vinyl or carpet, especially in older homes. In that case, it’s probably the floorboards underneath that will be covered in glue, remnants of underlay, and even protruding staples. Naturally, all of this must be removed before floor restoration can occur. Our expert team does whatever it takes to get your floor into the perfect condition for sanding and polishing.

Using the best equipment, we can strip back most timber floorboards, ensuring they are smooth, even before applying a new finish.

Sanding and Polishing Additional Services

While we are indeed experts in floor sanding and polishing in Adelaide, that’s not all we do. We’re flooring experts, which means we can also take care of any repair work necessary. It’s not uncommon for floorboards to be so damaged that they need replacing. If some of your floorboards are damaged beyond repair, we’ll recommend the best replacement options in line with your budget.

Complete floor replacements can be costly, but if we can do minor repairs and maintain a high-quality finish, you’ll be proud of us when we go the extra mile to make it happen. Plus, if you need assistance choosing a stain colour to match your décor or are uncertain about any aspects of floor sanding in Adelaide, our expert team is there to help with the right advice.

If you’re considering a renovation or floor revamp, you can trust the team at Thistle Floors to get the job done right the first time.

Floor polishing service

Floor polishing in Adelaide gives your floorboards a sleek, modern appearance that transforms your home. Our floor polishing experts know how to deliver your desired finish, and we can even offer ideas and suggestions if you’re unsure what you need.

There are so many homes with tired, damaged, or old floorboards in Adelaide. Not only do they look unappealing, but they pose several risks. Firstly, unpolished floorboards are likely to cause splinters. Secondly, without a properly polished finish on your floorboards, there’s a greater risk of water, bacteria, and mould forming between them.

Polished floors should also be re-polished every 5-7 years to maintain a solid protective layer and keep your floor free from scratches. Best of all, during the floor polishing process, our team conducts a deep clean, removing harsh dirt and contaminants and further increasing your floor’s lifespan.

Why Choose Thistle Floors for Floor Sanding and Polishing Adelaide

It may sound simple to sand a floor, stain it, and polish it afterwards. If you’ve ever tried to do this as a DIY project, you’ll know that it’s anything but easy. We’ve even heard horror stories from clients who have had terrible experiences with supposed floor sanding and polishing experts. That gives you an idea of the expertise and skills needed to finish a polished floor correctly.

Our team has years of experience, and we carefully screen all employees to ensure their skills and knowledge are current. We also use industry-leading equipment to provide the very best results for our clients. The same applies to our premium timber floor stains and finishes. We don’t cut corners because we believe in getting the job done to the highest standard every time.

Best of all, we keep our prices affordable and deliver service with a smile. Our professional floor sanders in Adelaide are reliable, turn up on time, and clean up after themselves. If not for the beautiful, shiny floors you arrive home to, you wouldn’t even know we were there.

For the best service and the highest quality floor sanding and polishing in Adelaide, contact the team at Thistle Floors today.